Arm Cortex-M33 Microcontrollers Combines Trust Zone Technology with Secure Crypto Engine for Advanced Security in IoT Applications

RA6M4 Arm Cortex-M33 Microcontrollers
RA6M4 Arm Cortex-M33 Microcontrollers
RA6M4 Arm Cortex-M33 Microcontrollers

Renesas Electronics Corporation has introduced nine new RA6M4 Group microcontrollers (MCUs) that can boost operating performance up to 200 MHz using the Arm Cortex-M33 core based on an Armv8-M architecture with Arm TrustZone technology.


The Renesas partner ecosystem offers software and hardware building blocks that work out-of-the-box with RA6M4 MCUs and Flexible Software Package (FSP) to address Industrial 4.0, building automation, metering, healthcare, and home appliance applications.


The RA6M4 MCUs can speed the development of intelligent IoT edge and endpoint devices as they have strong security, rich connectivity, large embedded RAM with parity/ECC, low power consumption, and they leverage the Arm developer and tool ecosystem. The device comes with a lot of integrated security features that make them the ideal choice for connected applications.


With a low power consumption of 99uA/MHz, the MCUs support fast wake-up times of 30 µs from standby using a high-performance on-chip oscillator. Their high integration up to 1MB code flash memory and 256 KB of SRAM (64 KB with ECC) also makes RA6M4 MCUs well suited for low power and safety applications.


Features of RA6M4 Microcontrollers

  • 200 MHz Arm Cortex-M33 with TrustZone technology
  • Renesas’ Secure Crypto Engine as part of a full security solution
  • Scalable from 64-pin to 144-pin LQFP packages
  • 8kB Data Flash to store data as in EEPROM
  • 512kB - 1MB Flash memory and 192kB SRAM with Parity and 64kB SRAM with ECC
  • Built on a highly efficient 40nm process
  • Power consumption down to 99uA/MHz 
  • Ethernet controller with DMA
  • USB 2.0 Full Speed and CAN
  • QuadSPI and OctaSPI memory interface, and advanced analog


Note: More technical information can be found in the RA6M4 Datasheet linked at the bottom of this page and on the RA6M4 product page.

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