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Anti-theft Enabled MLX81114 RGB LED Controller with Memory Access Protection for Automotive Ambient lighting

MLX81114 LIN RGB Controller

Melexis has introduced the MLX81114, a new addition to the IC family for supporting the future growth of RGB LED-based automotive ambient lighting, also known as LIN RGB. As an advanced variant of the MLX81113, the MLX81114 LIN RGB controller comes with a memory access protection for enabling anti-theft applications in SOIC packaging.


The MLX81114 has been designed with on-chip memory, high output current, and EMC robustness next to the ISO 26262 functional-safety compliance to support its use in ASIL-A classified systems. The new device combines a physical layer LIN transceiver and a LIN protocol controller with current-controlled outputs. This makes it possible to develop in a short timeframe simple, but powerful and cost-efficient ambient light modules connected to LIN bus systems.


The MLX8114 can deliver automotive lightings with personalization and differentiation within the driver’s cabin for vehicles from entry-level to mid-range and luxury models.


Features of MLX81114 LIN RGB Controller

  • Memory access protection
  • 16-bit pipelined RISC microcontroller with 32 kByte Flash, system ROM with bootloader and LIN driver, 2 kByte RAM, and 512 Byte EEPROM
  • Math co-processor for 32-bit MUL/DIV operations
  • 4x high voltage I/Os with free configurable current sources (up to 60 mA) for RGB+W
  • 4x 16-bit PWM outputs
  • Low standby current consumption of typ. 25 µA (max 50 µA) in sleep mode
  • Integrated battery monitor including over- and under-voltage detection
  • Automotive temperature range of -40 °C to 125 °C


Note: More technical information can be found on the product page of MLX81114 LIN RGB Controller.

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