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ADQUADMXFE1EBZ 16-Channel Mixed-Signal Front-End Digitizer for Reference Design Integration

ADQUADMXFE1EBZ 16-Channel Mixed-Signal Front-End Digitizer
Quad MxFE Development Platform

Analog Devices has introduced the 16-channel, mixed-signal front-end (MxFE) digitizer that includes four AD9081 or four AD9082 software-defined, direct RF sampling transceivers. The new 16-Channel digitizer can be used in aerospace and defense applications, including phased array radars, electronic warfare, and ground-based satellite communications. The Rx & Tx RF front-end has drop-in configurations that allow for customized frequency ranges, depending on the user’s application.


The new Quad MxFE Development Platform has been designed to accelerate customer development by providing reference RF signal chains, software architectures, power supply designs, and application example code. Along with the digitizer, Analog Devices also introduced a digitizing card to complement the platform and facilitate system-level calibration algorithms and demonstration of power-up phase determinism.


Features of ADQUADMXFE1EBZ 16-Channel, Mixed-Signal Front-End Digitizer

  • 16x RF receive (Rx) channels (32x digital Rx channels)
  • 16x RF transmit (Tx) channels (32x digital Tx channels)
  • Provided application-specific examples in MATLAB® application scripts and a GUI
  • Flexible clock distribution


Features of ADQUADMXFE-CAL Digitizing Card

  • Provides both individual adjacent channel loopback and combined channel loopback options
  • Combined Tx and Rx channels output via SMA connectors
  • On-board log power detectors with AD5592R digitization


Note: More technical information can be found on the product page of the Quad MxFE Development Platform.

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