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ACS37612 – Coreless Current Sensor in Compact TSSOP8 package for precise current measurement in EV Inverters

ACS37612 – Coreless Current Sensor
ACS37612 – Coreless Current Sensor

Allegro MicroSystems, has introduced its new sensor ACS37612, a standalone Hall-based coreless current sensor that can measure current from 200A to >1000A flowing through a PCB or a bus bar. The new hall element used to measure the magnetic field provides better immunity to stray magnetic fields without the need of a laminated shield required by competing solutions, this reduces the design size and bill of materials (BOM). ACS37612 measures with an accuracy of 1% and without requiring a magnetic concentrator core or a shield.


As the ACS37612 eliminates the cores, the manufacturers can reduce the space and weight of the inverters, which eventually increases the efficiency of the electric vehicle. This non-invasive contactless current sensor is designed to improve thermal efficiency relative to shunt solutions.


Features of ACS377612

  • Eliminates the need for a concentrator core or a shield
  • Contactless, lossless current sensing for applications where current flows through Busbar or PCB
  • Differential sensing rejects common-mode stray fields
  • 3.3 and 5.0 V single-supply operation
  • Monolithic Hall IC for high reliability with up to 240 kHz sensor bandwidth
  • Factory-trimmed sensitivity and offset for improved accuracy


The ACS37612 is ideal for reducing system energy consumption in 48V e-motor platforms, they can also be used in high voltage traction inverter phase current measurement, 48V starter generators, and battery disconnect circuits. The device can either be used in Busbar or PCB designs to provide engineers with mechanical flexibility and simplifies their system-level solution.


The system coupling factor is determined by the sensitivity level of the ACS37612, as well as the shape and location of the Busbar, this allows the designers to easily increase the current sensing range at any phase of the design.

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