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A9001 Lead Extender Series with High Reliability DC-DC Converters and EMI Filters

A9001 Lead Extender Series
A9001 Lead Extender Series

VPT has introduced new A9001 series of high-reliability DC-DC converter and EMI filter Lead Extenders that are operable over the full military (-55 °C to +125 °C) temperature range and are manufactured in an ISO9001:2015 facility. They are compatible with industry standard pinouts and may be installed for up or down leaded use. Moreover, these lead extenders provide an effective method for mounting/connecting side leaded VPT packages to customer PCB applications. 


These Lead Extenders feature 120 microinches minimum of 90 Sn / 10 Pb solder plate and the epoxy resin encapsulant used in the lead extenders absorbs helium and krypton. This absorption prevents leak testing acceptability when using helium or krypton.


Key Features of A9001 Series

  • Copper Alloy Cu-70210 or C97

  • 120 microinches minimum of 90 Sn / 10 Pb solder plate

  • Diallyl-Phthalate (DAP) WH-9100-BLK (HM-Type)

  • Low-weight of 2g each (typical)

  • Compatible with industry standard pinouts/cc

  • Product may be installed for Up or Down Leaded use

Component Datasheet

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