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VOH1016A – 1MBd High Speed Optocoupler with Schmitt-Trigger Functionality

VOH1016A – 1MBd High Speed Optocoupler with Schmitt-Trigger Functionality

For easy integration with Digital system applications Vishay intertechnology has launched a new series of high speed Optocouplers called VOH1016A. These Optocouplers can operate upto 1MBd and also features an open collector transistor output with Schmitt-Trigger functionality. It has a low supply current of 1.0mA and a low turn-on threshold current of only 0.65mA making it suitable for PLC, serial data communication bus system, SMPS supplies etc.


The devices released today utilize a highly efficient input LED coupled with an integrated optical photodiode IC detector in DIP-6 and SMD-6 packages. The optocouplers’ low turn-on threshold current and supply current — combined with a guaranteed minimum common mode transient immunity (CMTI) of 10 kV/μs — make the devices perfect solutions for galvanic noise isolation and breaking up ground loops in digital applications. In addition, the VOH1016A series optocouplers feature a wide power supply range from 3 V to 15 V to enable isolated level shifting in applications using different voltage domains.


Key features of VOH1016A:

  • Power supply range: 3V to 15V
  • High Data Rate: 2MHz (NRZ)
  • Latch up and oscillation free
  • Supply current: 1.mA
  • Turn-on threshold current: 0.65mA
  • Common mode transient immunity: 10kV/us
  • Isolation Voltage: 5000 VRMS (max)
  • Available in DIP-6 and SMD-6 packages4


Complete technical information can be found in the datasheet linked below. The VOH1016A is currently under production and samples are available with a lead time of 6 weeks.

Component Datasheet