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8STA Range of High-Performance Circular Connectors for Motorsport and UAV Engine Control Units

Souriau 8STA Series of Circular Connectors
Souriau 8STA Series of Circular Connectors

Eaton has manufactured the Souriau 8STA range of circular connectors which will perform reliably under extreme conditions and are designed especially for applications where high performance, small size and light weight are key. These Connectors can be used in typical applications including Motorsport and UAV engine control units, portable communications equipment, and compact data acquisition systems. The 8STA Size 01 is a small circular connector available with three #26 removable contacts and is the perfect solution for size and weight reduction in extreme vibration environments.


The Souriau 8STA series is rated for an operational temperature range of -55°C to +175°C, 500 mating cycles, 300g shock for 3ms (EIA-364-27) and vibration of 147m/s2 at 10 to 2000Hz. The connector range features 13 shell sizes with up to 128 contacts from 3 amps to 200 amps, and 6 or 7 color coded keyway orientations. Both the free and panel-mount shell styles incorporate a compact integrated back shell for a heat shrink boot and the fixed halves are available with dual or space saving single hole panel-mount fixing. The quick 1/3 turn locking mechanism  has clearly visible color indicators that show when the connector is fully locked, while quick-release and blind-mate versions are available where access is restricted. 


There is a choice of rugged plated aluminium or un-plated composite bodies to provide long service in the harshest environments and standard mated connectors are sealed to IP67. Optional special inserts provide resistance to immersion in fuel without loss of performance while hermetic versions provide a reliable barrier and feed-trough sealing when un-muted. The gold-plated removable contacts are designed for high levels of vibration. Crimp contacts, share the same readily available assembly tooling requirements while PCB solder styles can also be specified and high-density layouts provide additional pin counts without an increase in connector shell size.



  • Rugged Aluminium body to provide long service in the harshest environments

  • Positive locking mechanism with locked colour indicators

  • 13 shell styles

  • Up to 128 contacts

  • 6 or 7 colour coded keyway orientations

  • Size 01: the smallest circular connector with removable contacts #26

  • Conductive black zinc or nickel plated

  • Sealed to IP67

  • Temperature range: -55°C to +175°C

  • Integrated backshell for heat shrink boot

  • Wide range of piece parts held in stock to allow assembly to order with short lead times



  • Motorsport and UAV engine control units

  • Portable communications equipment

  • Compact data acquisition systems

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