600 V CoolGaN Half-Bridge IPS IGI60F1414A1L for Compact and Lightweight Designs in Low-to-Medium Power Range

600 V CoolGaN Half-Bridge IPS IGI60F1414A1L
600 V CoolGaN Half-Bridge IPS IGI60F1414A1L
600 V CoolGaN Half-Bridge IPS IGI60F1414A1L

Infineon Technologies has added a new CoolGaN IPS family of integrated power stage (IPS) products to its portfolio of WBG power devices. Ideal for compact and lightweight designs in the low-to-medium power range, the 600 V CoolGaN half-bridge IPS IGI60F1414A1L comes housed in a thermally enhanced 8x8 QFN-28 package, thereby enabling systems with very high power density.


The device combines two 140 mΩ / 600 V CoolGaN e-mode HEMT switches with dedicated galvanically isolated high- and low-side gate drivers out of Infineon’s EiceDRIVER family. With an isolated gate driver with two digital PWM inputs, it is easy to control. Its input-to-output isolation is based on Infineon’s proven on-chip coreless transformer (CT) technology. This guarantees high speed and excellent robustness even for extremely fast switching transients with voltage slopes exceeding 150 V/ns.


The switching behavior of the IGI60F1414A1L gate driver can be easily adapted to the needs of different applications using a few passive gate path components. Thereby enabling slew rate optimization. Moreover, due to the system-in-package integration and the highly accurate and stable propagation delay of the gate drivers, the IGI60F1414A1L enables the lowest possible system dead-times. This helps to maximize system efficiency, leading to a power density of up to 35 W/in³ for charger and adapter solutions.


Features of 600 V CoolGaN half-bridge IPS IGI60F1414A1L

  • Isolated digital input with digital-in, power-out building block
  • Application configurable switching behavior
  • Fast, highly accurate, and stable timing
  • Thermally enhanced 8x8mm QFN-28 and 6x8mm QFN-26 packages


Note: More technical information can be found in the IGI60F1414A1L Datasheet linked at the bottom of this page and on the 600 V CoolGaN half-bridge IPS IGI60F1414A1L product page.

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