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50V Full-Bridge Gate Drivers with Built-in Current Sensing Capabilities and Input Controls designed for Automotive and Industrial Applications

50V Full-Bridge Gate Drivers
50V Full-Bridge Gate Drivers

Allegro MicroSystems, Inc. has introduced two new full-bridge gate drivers that are available with direct control (A89505) and pulse-width modulation (A89506) options and are designed for automotive and industrial applications. These devices up-integrate critical features to make system design easier, replacing mechanical relays with solid-state drivers to improve performance and reliability. With built-in capabilities including flexible interface logic, EMI mitigation with programmable gate drive, motor current feedback, and multiple diagnostic features, these devices require very few external components.


The A89505 and A89506 gate drivers are ideal for vehicle applications such as window and door actuators, EV charger locks, electronic parking brakes, and folding mirrors. Their solid-state design also makes them ideal for battery-powered applications that incorporate brushed DC motors such as building automation and robotics, improving reliability and battery life while facilitating smaller design footprints.


Both drivers include built-in current sensing capabilities, eliminating the need for external current sense resistors and reducing external component requirements to as few as seven. Integrated diagnostics further obviate the need for additional microprocessor programming and additional circuitry and both are capable of 50V absolute maximum supply voltages and offer higher gate drive voltage at low VBB and better efficiency when running on battery power, allowing designers to specify lower-cost FETs.



  • 4.5 V to 50 V operating voltage

  • Programmable PWM current limit without the need for external sense resistor

  • Programmable gate drive limits slew rate for EMI reduction

  • Analog output of the load current for microprocessor feedback

  • Overcurrent flag output to detect stall conditions

  • Full protection against short circuit events with fault flag



  • Industrial applications

  • Automotive applications

Component Datasheet

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