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2JCIE-EV01 IoT Evaluation Board with Six Environmental Sensors from Omron

2JCIE-EV01 IoT Evaluation Board with Six Environmental Sensors
2JCIE-EV01 IoT Evaluation Board with Six Environmental Sensors

Omron Electronic Components introduces a new Sensor Evaluation Board (2JCIE-EVO1) for developers working on sensor systems for the IoT. The board is equipped with six environmental sensors to measure temperature, humidity, pressure, light, sound, and acceleration. Besides, it is supported by data acquisition software and features expansion connectors. With its onboard connector, it can be expanded with Omron D6T thermal sensor, D6F-PH MEMS differential pressure sensor, B5W-LB optical sensor or B5W-LD air quality/dust sensor and Qwiic compatible sensor can also be connected to the board.


Features of 2JCIE-EV01

  • Supported by Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and Adafruit Feather
  • Maximum rated power current: 700mA
  • Ambient Storage Temperature: -10°C to 60°C (no condensation or icing)
  • Ambient Storage humidity: - 30 to 85% (no condensation or icing)
  • Can be connected with external sensors via harness cable
  • It can approximately store the data logs for 3 months.

Note: The complete technical details can be found in the 2JCIE-EV01 datasheet attached at the bottom of this page


In addition to the host board, it can connect to multiple devices such as smartphones via Bluetooth 5.0. Bespoke threshold values can be set to provide alerts that notify the user of any abnormal sensor readings. Omron offers three separate variants of evaluation boards for all three platforms. For more information about 2JCIE-EV01, visit the official website of Omron Electronic Components.

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