2300V Isolated EiceDRIVER 2L-SRC Compact for Optimizing System Efficiency in Industrial Applications

EiceDriver 2L-SRC Compact Gate Drivers
EiceDriver 2L-SRC Compact Gate Drivers
EiceDriver 2L-SRC Compact Gate Drivers

Infineon Technologies has introduced the latest isolated EiceDriver 2L-SRC Compact (1ED33xx) gate drivers for delivering high efficiency in power electronics applications. For ensuring easy design-in, these gate drivers are offered in an 8mm wide-body package and include two-level slew rate control for significantly improving system efficiency. The slew rate can be adapted on the fly during operation, enabling system output power to be optimized without changing the BOM and without compromising EMI behavior.


The high voltage rating up to 2300V and high safety capability of the gate driver family makes them suitable for applications with demanding isolation requirements, such as 1700 V industrial drives, and other applications like the solar system, uninterruptible power supplies, and EV charging. By optimizing the gate driver circuit, the 1ED32xx family can balance the reduction of dv/dt and electromagnetic interference (EMI) during start-up and light-load operation and also minimizes switching losses during high-load operation.


The gate driver family provides driving currents of 10 and 18A and supports power switches far beyond 1200V blocking voltage. The family also includes the highly recommended Miller clamp for power switches that use 0V turn-off to avoid parasitic turn-on. The superior application safety and guaranteed long operating life is ensured by the UL 1577 and VDE 0884-11 (reinforced isolation) certificates.


Features of EiceDriver 2L-SRC Compact Gate Drivers

  • A single-channel isolated gate driver
  • Two-level slew rate control
  • For use with 600 V/650 V/1200 V/1700 V/2300 V IGBTs, Si and SiC MOSFETs
  • Up to 18.0 A typical peak output current
  • 40 V absolute maximum output supply voltage
  • High common-mode transient immunity CMTI > 200 kV/μs
  • Active output clamping
  • Active Miller Clamp options available
  • Galvanically isolated coreless transformer gate driver
  • 3.3 V and 5 V input supply voltage
  • Suitable for operation at high ambient temperature and in fast switching applications
  • Certification: VDE 0884-11 with VIORM= 1767 V (peak) (pending) and UL 1577 with VISO = 5.7 kV (rms) for 1 min


Note: More technical information can be found in the EiceDriver 2L-SRC Datasheet linked at the bottom of this page and on Galvanic Isolated Gate Drivers product page.

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