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1200V Three-Phase Gate Driver for Robust Operation in Industrial Drives and Embedded Inverter Application

6ED2230 1200V Three-Phase Level Shifter Gate Driver
6ED2230 1200V Three-Phase Level Shifter Gate Driver

Infineon Technologies has released a new 1200V three-phase gate driver with integrated Bootstrap Diode and OCP called 6ED2230, which can be used in robust industrial drives and industrial applications. The new device has an integrated dead time enabling it to prevent shoot-through by providing 350mA/650mA source and sink drive capability.


The 6ED2230 provides leading negative VS transient immunity, superior latch-up immunity, fast over-current protection, and the monolithic integration of real bootstrap diodes. It comes with an over-current protection comparator with a +/-5% reference threshold accuracy for providing fast, repeatable, and reliable switching protection. The device supports superior robustness and reliable operation due to its -100V Negative VS transient voltage immunity with repeating 700ns wide pulses. The low and high side voltage supplies also feature independent under-voltage lockout (UVLO) for safe operation.


The 6ED2230 offers unique features in a DSO-24 footprint, eventually reducing BOM and the low and high voltage on opposite sides of the package further increase clearance and creepage. The robust design with a compact form factor suitable for industrial drives and embedded inverter application.


Features of 6ED2230 Level Shifter Gate Driver

  • 1200-V Infineon Thin-Film-SOI technology
  • Integrated Ultra-fast Bootstrap Diode
  • Tolerant to negative transient voltage up to -100 V (Pulse width is up 700 ns) given by SOI-technology
  • Output source/sink current capability +0.35 A/-0.65 A
  • Over-current protection (ITRIP +/- 5% reference)
  • Integrated 460 ns dead-time protection
  • 3.3 V, 5 V, and 15 V input logic compatible
  • Integrated 460 ns dead-time protection


Note: More technical information can be found in the 6ED2230S12T Datasheet linked at the bottom of this page and on the 6ED2230 Product Page.

Component Datasheet

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