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VCCM600 - Compact Vox Power Supply Modules for Medical and Industrial Applications from TT Electronics

VCCM600 Vox Power Supply Module
VCCM600 - Compact Vox Power Supply Module

TT Electronics broadens the TT’s power supply portfolio with Vox Power’s VCCM600 series. The VCCM600 series is a user-configurable solution and the most compact modular units in the world, they are best suitable to be used in medical and industrial applications. These power supply modules can be the easy and flexible custom power solution for any single or multiple output voltage application requiring up to 16 individual outputs.


The VCCM600 series features 600Watts in conduction-cooled, fan-less architecture. The NEVO+ high-density modular range is also available in 600W and 1200W of configurable power solutions in the smallest, lightest packages on the market. These modules can be used in medical equipment, lasers, robotics, automation, and other pioneering applications.


Features of VCCM600 series

  •  600 watts output power
  • The power density of (25W/in3)
  • Smallest modular footprint 5”x3”x1.61”
  • Wide output voltage adjust the range
  • Constant current or voltage operation
  • Parallel & series connection of modules
  • Series tracker and I2C options
  • Intelligent fan control
  • Industrial approvals
  • User and field configurable
  • Low noise option (SL version)


Note: More Technical Details about the NEVO+600S (Industrial) and NEVO+600M (Medical) Power Supply Modules can be found on the product page. The datasheet of NEVO+660S is also linked below.

Component Datasheet

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