N76E003AT20 Microcontroller Unit

N76E003AT20 Microcontroller
N76E003AT20 Microcontroller
N76E003AT20 Microcontroller Pinout
N76E003AT20 Microcontroller
N76E003AT20 Microcontroller Pinout

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N76E003AT20 is a microcontroller unit with 8051 based 8-bit architecture with 18 kilobytes of Flash. It has a powerful 16 MHz CPU and has a configurable LDROM of 4K/3K/2K/1K/0K bytes. This MCU offers performance, robustness, and reduced system cost. It is very useful to be integrated into small applications with ease of cost reduction.


The most useful feature which makes this controller fit into wide-scale applications is the operating voltage of this controller. N76E003AT20 could easily be fitted in most of the logic level operations from 2.4V to 5.5V.


When it comes to peripheral supports, the N76E003AT20 has a big run in this segment. It has 17 general purposes I/O Pins and an additional one for input-only operations. It has two 16-bits timers/counters with the standard 8051, SPI, and I2C port of one port each, 12-bit ADC support with 500 ksps, and two UART ports.


If concerned about motor control based operations, the N76E003AT20 offers multi-channel PWM support that is essential for motor control based operations.

N76E003AT20 Microcontroller Pinout


Pin Description of N76E003AT20

Pin no.

Pin name


The main function (after reset)




Port 0 bit 5, PWM CH2 or Input Capture CH6 or External count input to Timer/Counter 0 or Analog Input CH4




Port 0 bit 6, Serial port 0 transmit data output or Analog Input CH3




Port 0 bit 7, Serial port 0 receive data input or Analog Input CH4




Input Only Port 2 bit 0 or Schmitt trigger input pin for hardware reset.




Port 3 bit 0, Interrupt pin input 0 or Oscillator input or Analog Input CH1




Port 1 bit 7 or External interrupt 1 input, ADC input channel 0.




Digital ground




Port 1 bit 6 or ICP data Input and output or OCD Data input-output or Serial port  transmit data or I2C data




Digital power supply




Port 1 bit 5 or PWM 5 or Input capture channel 7 or SPI Slave select input.




Port 1 channel 4 or I2C data or Fault brake input or PWM output channel 1.




Port 1 channel 3 or I2C clock or External start ADC Clear.




Port 1 bit 2 or PWM 0 or Input capture channel 0




Port 1 bit 1, PWM CH1 or Input Capture CH1 or Analog Input CH7 or System clock output.




Port 1 bit 0, PWM CH2 or Input Capture CH2 or SPI clock




Port 0 bit 0, PWM CH3 or Input Capture CH3 or SPI Master input/slave input or External input to Timer/counter 1




Port 0 bit 1, PWM CH4 or Input Capture CH4 or SPI Master input/slave output




Port 0 bit 2, ICP clock input or OCD clock input or serial port 1 receives input or I2C clock




Port 0 bit 3, PWM CH5 or Input Capture CH5 or Analog input channel 6




Port 0 bit 4, PWM CH3 or Input Capture CH3 or External start ADC  trigger


Features and Specification of N76E003AT20 Microcontroller

  • Core: 8051-based CMOS
  • Data Bus width: 8bit
  • Maximum Clock Frequency: 16 MHz
  • Program Memory size: 18kB
  • Data RAM size: 256B
  • ADC Resolution: 12 bit
  • Operating supply: 2.4V to 5.5 V
  • Minimum operating Temperature: - 40C
  • Maximum Operating Temperature: + 105C
  • Program Memory Type: Flash
  • Interface Type: 12C, SPI, UART
  • Number of ADCs: 1 (8 channels)
  • Number of Times/counters: 2 Timers - 16 bits
  • Processor Series: N76E003
  • Product Type: 8-bit 8051 based Microcontrollers MCU

Note: Complete technical details can be found in the N76E003AT20 Datasheet linked at the bottom of this page.

Alternative Products for N76E003AT20

Alternative products for the N76E003AT20 microcontroller are listed below:

  1. N76E003AS20
  2. AT89C2051
  3. AT89LP2052


N76E003AT20 - Overview

The 8-bit N76E003AT20 microcontroller is a robust, high-performance microcontroller unit from Nuvoton that has UART, I2C, SPI, and an 8 Channels 12-Bit ADC.


It also has powerful timer features with Advanced 16-bit control timers. Multiple channel PWM makes it suitable for motor control related applications.


It features 1 Kilobyte of RAM with 18 Kbyte of Flash memory. The 2.4V to 5.5V operating voltage makes it a suitable choice for 3.3V as well as 5.0V logic level operations on both operating voltages.

8051 based MCU N76E003AT20

The above image is the overview of the 8051 based MCU N76E003AT20 where different peripherals and features are illustrated.


How to Select Your Nuvoton Microcontroller

Nuvoton provides a vast variety of Microcontrollers that are easy to integrate and are low cost. Each MCU has its own advantage and disadvantage. There are many parameters that one has to consider before selecting an MCU for the project. The points given below are just the suggestions that might help one to select an MCU.


If you are a beginner who is learning Nuvoton microcontrollers, then selecting an MCU that has good online community support and wide applications will be a good choice. N76E003AT20 is a good choice in that case. There is a wide range of support and documentation available as well as pre-written application codes that are very useful for getting started with Nuvoton microcontroller units.


Consider the operating voltage of your system. If they are 5V then select a 5V MCU. Some sensors or devices work and communicate on 3.3V in such cases a 3.3V MCU can be selected. N76E003AT20 supports both operating voltages and can be used in multiple operations.


Based on the sensors and actuators used in your project, verify which modules you might need for MCU. For example, if you are reading many Analog voltages then make sure the selected N76E003AT20 series microcontroller has enough ADC channels and supportive resolution.


If your project involves communication protocols like UART, SPI, I2C, CAN, etc. make sure your Nuvoton microcontroller can support them all. Some MCUs can support more than one module of the same protocol.


Programming Nuvoton Microcontroller N76E003AT20

Nuvoton 8051 microcontrollers can be programmed with different software that is available in the market. The details given below are for the most advanced and common software and compiler.


In order to program the Nuvoton microcontroller, we will need an IDE (Integrated Development Environment), where the programming takes place. A compiler, where our program gets converted into MCU readable form called HEX files.

IDE: Keil u-vision

Compiler: C51 Compiler

Keil u-vision is not free but useful for most of the operations with the free version. They can be downloaded directly from their official page. I have also provided the link for your convenience. Once downloaded, install them on your computer. If you have any problem doing so, you can post them in the comment below.

Keil-C51 Download


Interfacing Diagram

The interfacing of sensors or other devices with the N76E003AT20 microcontroller is quite easy. It has UART, SPI, I2C, and ADC peripheral supports for interfacing-related operations. One can choose any available interfaces for connectivity and integration-related operations.

A basic programming connection is shown in the image given below.

N76E003AT20 Microcontroller Interfacing Diagram

Applications of N76E003AT20 Microcontroller

  • Data Acquisition
  • Low-cost Sensor integration
  • Low power Embedded devices
  • Small data retention related purposes


2D and 3D Model

The dimension of the N76E003AT20 is shown below:

N76E003AT20 Dimensions

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