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SCM1502A - Energy Saving 7-40V Controller IC for Contactor, Relay, and Solenoid Valve Control

SCM1502A Relay Controller
SCM1502A Relay Controller

MORNSUN has introduced a new 7V-40V SCM1502A Energy Saving controller IC for relay, solenoid, and contactor control applications. These controllers have a build-in high-voltage startup circuit that can quickly start the controller with a charging current of above 8mA to operate the relay quickly. SCM1502A can also be used to control the relay coil to achieve high current pick-up and low current holding. You can set up the pick-up current and the holding current independently depending on the requirements of the relays used in the application. In the low current holding stage, if there is an occurrence of input Undervoltage or disabled controller, the controller activates the fast shutdown function to quickly disconnect the relay to reduce the influence of SCM150A on the disconnecting performance of the relay.


Features of SCM1502A Relay Controller

  • Operating Voltage range 7-40V to meet various application requirements of relays
  • Real-time detection of input voltage, precise setting of relay operating voltage
  • Wide working input voltage range of 2:5:1
  • The pick-up current and the holding current can be set up independently, and the relay coil design is simpler
  • With built-in analog frequency jitter, it is easy to solve EMI problems
  • With a fast shutdown function, it reduces the shutdown delay of the relay
  • Taking power directly from the input side


More technical details can be found in the datasheet linked at the bottom of this page, you can also visit the SCM1502A product page.

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