VSMY2940 High Speed IR Diode

VSMY2940 IR LED Diode
VSMY2940 IR LED Diode
VSMY2940 High Speed IR Diode Pinout
VSMY2940 IR LED Diode
VSMY2940 High Speed IR Diode Pinout

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VSMY2940 is a high-speed infrared emitting diode. It is a 940 nm emitting diode that uses surface emitter technology with high radiant intensity and high optical power. It has two product packages in the VSMY2940 segment, VSY2940RG, and VSM2940G. Both products are available in clear type untinted plastic package that consists of the lens and can easily be fitted as an SMD.


Pin Description of VSMY2940 Optical Dust Sensor

Pin Number

Pin Name




Anode pin of the LED



Cathode pin of the LED


Features and specification of VSMY2940 LED

  • 940 nm peak wavelength.
  • The angle of half intensity: φ = ± 10°
  • Forward Voltage: 1.4V (typical)
  • Forward Current: 100mA
  • Reverse Voltage: 5V
  • Power Dissipation: 180mW
  • High Reliability
  • Very High radiant intensity
  • Can be used for high pulse current operation
  • Dimensions (L x W x H in mm): 2.3 x 2.3 x 2


Note: Complete technical details can be found in the VSMY2940 Datasheet linked at the bottom of this page.


Alternative product of VSMY2940 IR LED Diodes

Replacement of this VSM2940 IR LED Diodes-

  1. VSLY3850 (Through-hole / 3mm dia)
  2. VSLY5940 (Through-hole / 5mm dia)
  3. VSMY2850
  4. VSMY98545
  5. VSMY14940


VSMY2940 IR LED Diodes - Overview

The VSMY2940 IR LED diodes to use Vishay’s SurfLigh surface-emitting technology where the light and power are emitted out the top of the chip and provides five times greater intensity compared with standard emitting diode. The IR LEDs are also available with the inbuilt clear lens.


With a forward voltage of 1.4V, the IR LED will get a forward current of 100mA. The below image is showing an important graph to determine the relationship between the forward voltage and forward current.

VSMY2940 IR LED Diode V-I Graph


The below image shows two possible connection options for interfacing these LEDs in CV (Continuous Voltage) or in CC (Continuous Current) mode.

VSMY2940 IR LED Diode's Connections


Applications of VSMY2940 LEDs

  • Optical switch
  • In Proximity sensors, as an emitter source
  • Night Vision cameras
  • Photo interrupters
  • Miniature light barriers
  • Machine visions and object detections


2D Model and Dimensions of VSM2940

VSMY2940 IR Diode's Dimensions

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