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Pin Configuration

Pin No.

Pin Name




This terminal used for glowing LED in Red color



Common Cathode terminal (Ground)



This terminal used for glowing LED in Green color



This terminal used for glowing LED in Blue color


Features and Specifications

  • Low Thermal Resistance
  • No UV rays
  • Super High flux Output and High luminance
  • Forward Current for Red, Blue and Green color: 20mA
  • Forward Voltage
    • Red: 2v (typical)
    • Blue: 3.2(typical)
    • Green: 3.2(typical)
  • Luminous Intensity
    • Red: 800 mcd
    • Blue: 4000 mcd
    • Green: 900 mcd
  • Wavelength
    • Red: 625 nm
    • Blue: 520 nm
    • Green: 467.5 nm
  • Operating Temperature: -25 ℃ to 85 ℃
  • Storage Temperature: -30 ℃ to 85 ℃


Where RGB LED are Used?

A RGB LED is commonly used component in electronics, generally, as it is used for indication purpose. You can use RGB LED in various projects like portable flashlight, LED indicator, etc. An RGB LED can also be used for work according to condition like for condition 1st Red will glow, for condition 2nd green will glow and for condition 3rd blue will glow. We can use three different LEDs to perform the same task but this will increase the size of circuit and took more space on PCB or perf board.  


How to Use RGB LED?

The given RGB LED Circuit diagram is for Multi-Color LED flasher. We have used a 4017 decade counter IC which is getting clock input generated by 555timer IC. The RGB LED is connected to the three output of the 4017 IC as the output goes HIGH, it turns ON the respected color of RGB LED. As the Q0, Q1 and Q2 output goes high Red, Green and Blue color LED turns ON respectively. The circuit remain turn ON until the supply is disconnected.

 Circuit Using RGB LED



  • Industrial Application
  • Portable Flashlight/ torchlight
  • Light guides
  • Decorative Lighting
  • LCD backlight
  • Multi-color Light



RGB LED 2D-model

Component Datasheet

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