KPJX-PM-4S DC Power Connector

KPJX-PM-4S DC Power Connector
KPJX-PM-4S DC Power Connector
KPJX-PM-4S DC Power Connector Pinout
KPJX-PM-4S DC Power Connector
KPJX-PM-4S DC Power Connector Pinout

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KPJX-PM-4S is a DC power connector from the KYCON which enables snap and lock features that prevent accidental disconnects. The connector could be used for high power DC connection inside a PCB board that is useful for power input operations in a circuit. This connector has four pins and all four pins are capable of transferring 48V DC with 7.5A of Maximum current.


Pin Description of KPJX-PM-4S

Pin Number

Pin Name



Power PIN 1

This is a first power pin


Power PIN 2

This is a second power pin


Power PIN 3

This is a third power pin


Power PIN 4

This is a fourth power pin


Features and specification of KPJX-PM-4S 

  • 48V DC, 7.5A Maximum in all four pins
  • Insulation Resistance: 50 Meg-Ohms insulation at 250V DC
  • Dielectric Withstanding voltage: 500V AC for 1 minute
  • Contact Resistance: 30 milliohms Max.
  • Durability: 1000 Cycles
  • Wire AWG: #18 for power wires
  • The shield is made of Copper Alloy, Tin Plated
  • The body is made using PBT Thermoplastic
  • Power Pins are made using Brass material with Tin Plated


Note: Complete technical details can be found in the KPJX-PM-4S Datasheet linked at the bottom of this page.


Alternative product of KPJX-PM-4S Kycon Connectors

Replacement of this KPJX-PM-4S connectors-

  1. KPJX-PM-3S


KPJX-PM-4S - Overview

KPJX-PM-4S is a DC power connector that features a Snap and Lock protection for an accidental disconnect. This is a connector that opens up a safer way to connect the DC input power into the PCB board. The connector offers the durability of 1000 cycles. It is made using PBT Thermoplastic with UL94 V-0 rated that is a durable material. It also has a Copper Alloy with a Tin-Plated shield inside the connector.


It has four Power pins that are made with Tin-Plated Brass materials that support power delivery of 48V DC with 7.5A of current. All pins provide a low contact resistance of 30 milliohms maximum. However, The connector offers 50 Megohms of Insulation Resistance at 250V DC and Dielectric withstanding voltage of 500V AC for 1 Minute. It is suggested that for the Power Wires, use #18 AWG wire. 


Applications of KPJX-PM-4S Zener Diode

  • SMPS and Power supplies
  • Laptop or in the computer as a power connector
  • Digital Equipments
  • High power audio amplifiers


2D Model and Dimensions of KPJXPM4S

Dimensions of KPJXPM4S

The screw dimension can be seen in the below image- 

 KPJXPM4S Screw Dimensions


Footprint for KPJXPM4S

KPJXPM4S Footprint

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